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Century Tool Welding started in April 1976 as a small welding and broaching company that expanded over the years.  Carl and his son Stephen now have over 100 years of welding experience, specifically in butt welding on broken tools.  The business has three different butt welding machines that can perform many operations and repair broken broaches.  It's a trade that few people perform any more.  Along with that they also have over 20 years of heat treat experience.  Century Tool Welding is a certified bridge construction welder.

Stephen can fabricate almost any project on your behalf... tables, carts, stands, brewing equipment, towing hitches for tow trucks, lift gates, custom made platforms on trucks, snow shoes for snow pushers, custom made conveyors for a snack food company.  He does stainless steel welding, silver soldering carbine, aluminum welding and cast iron brazing.  These are very speciailized welding needs that are difficult to find.

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